OZOBARRIER keeps clean and comfortable whenever and wherever you are.

Power of low concentration ozone for deodorizing and removing odors, pollen, bacteria, viruses, etc.

Power of low concentration ozone for deodorizing and removing odors, pollen, bacteria, viruses, etc.

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Have you ever had problems with these?
ozobarrier can…

protect you from unpleasant odors, pollen, viruses, or bacteria with its oxidizing ability, whenever and wherever you are.

applications of low concentration ozone to eradicate bacteria or deodorize :

at hospitals

at airports

at food processing plants

What is ozone?

protects global ecosystem with ozone layer
Ozone in stratosphere inhales harmful ultra-violet ray from the sun to protect global ecosystem.

protects your private spaces with a barrier of ozone.

ozobarrier uses oxygen in the air to generate ozone equivalent concentration of in forest to bring deodorizing and eradicating bacteria.

How can ozone act?

Bacteria cannot get tolerant ozone!

When we eradicate bacteria by drugs, drugs generally react to core of cells in bacteria. In that case, bacteria may get tolerant the drugs. In the meantime, ozone can break cell membrane of them. Then, core of cells of them melt and are destroyed them itself. Therefore, they cannot get tolerant ozone.

If you use drugs to eradicate bacteria…

If you use ozone to eradicate bacteria…

The researching report of ozone to kill COVID-19 was announced the other day!

May 14, 2020
Nara Medical University / MBT Consortium Association PR

Ozone have high ability to deodorize and eradicate bacteria!

Point 1
Ozone have high ability to oxidize substances and can retain the ability to eradicate bacteria. Moreover, bacteria cannot be tolerance ozone. Ozone can eradicate bacteria in a very hygienic way.

Point 2
Ozone can deodorize strong bad smells which cannot be deodorized even by air fresheners which wrap around bad smells or air purifiers. Ozone can penetrate narrow gaps in rooms to sterilize and deodorize.

Point 3
Because ozone is gas, so we don’t need extra drugs to sterilize.After decomposing bad smells, ozone (O3) goes back to oxygen (O2). So,this way to eradicate bacteria doesn’t leave any toxicity.

Safety of ozone

Ozone exists in the air and cleans air on the earth (deodorizing and sterilizing).Moreover, it has been used on high-performance water purifying system which waterworks department operates to sterilize tap water to drink. And it has been used as a food additive in Japan.

Application of ozone for sterilizing and deodorizing:

This fire station utilize ozone generator which is used in hospitals to sterilize any viruses to sterilize in an ambulance, after they take patients who suspected to get infected influenza or other viruses.

This fire station has installed a decontamination system using ozone to protect patients and ambulance crew from viruses or bacteria. This system has been used at public offices, kitchen of restaurants, and other facilities.

High-performance water purifying system which waterworks department operates utilize ozone to decompose substances which produce mold smell or trihalomethane.

This seafood processing factory has installed ozone generator to make rooms aseptic like operation room at hospital. With ozone generator, this factory is working to ensure safety for person who eat their seafoods.

remarkable feature of ozobarrier

Ozobarrier generates low concentration ozone and ionic wind effectually though it is compact and light weight It can decompose and inactivate substances generates bad smell, bacteria, and viruses as if ozone barrier surrounds around you.

Easy to carry, ozobarrier can keep your private spaces comfortable whenever and wherever.

Compact and Light weight

Dimensions: Approx. 110mm × 50mm x 23mm

When you use ozobarrier,
you can get some advantages as …

You can make your mind free from worry of infection of viruses both indoors and outdoors.

You can sterilize your masks easier.

You can diminish hay fever.

You don’t have to worried about bad smells.

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Result of verification tests

result of verification test for eradication bacteria

Added 1ml each of Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and Bacillus subtilis to a Petri dish. Then, put them into a test box, and measured viable bacteria count for 4 hours after running ozobarrier. In addition, the same test was conducted without running ozobarrier.

Test Report by third-party laboratory
(assigned by the manufacturer)

In addition,

Thus, ozone can reduce viruses, bacteria, and pollen around you.
Inactivating and other effects by ozone increase and with time.

merit of ozobarrier

Easy to carry

ozobarrier is palm-sized, easy to carry. When connected to a power bank, it can be used wherever!

Ozone breaks viruses directly.

ozobarrier generates low concentration ozone which breaks viruses directly.

Long-life, ozobarrier can keep generating ozone for about 1 month!

With the dedicated cartridge, ozobarrier can keep generating ozone for about 1 month even if you leave ozobarrier on 24 hours a day! There are 2 cartridges in a box, so you can keep ozobarrier to generate ozone for about 2 months! * Operating time varies depending on the operating environment.

ozobarrier can make your personal spaces sterilized spaces genuinely.

Leaving ozobarrier on 24 hours a day for a month, ozobarrier can generate low concentration ozone which fills your room to inactivate viruses and bacteria.

ozobarrier can make your room more comfortable.

You can feel more comfortable in spaces sterilized all the time than spaces you never know when you might be infected in. With ozobarrier, you can work and live more comfortably because it can inactivate viruses and bacteria in your personal spaces.

Color Options
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Dedicated Cartridge

Set of 2 MG plates for replacement
【Sold Seperately】

MSRP ¥3,960(in tax)

You can keep generating for ozone Approx. 672 hours with 1 cartridge.
This calculation is based on the condition if you leave ozobarrier on 24 hours a day for about 1 month. (*1) You can get 2 plates when you purchase the body of ozobarrier. So, you can keep generating ozone for about 2 months even if you leave ozobarrier on 24 hours a day initially. And we recommend you purchase this set before the lifetime of cartridges you are using run out.

*1: Operating time varies depending on degree of contamination on a plate or the operating environment.